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Koch Eye Associates is successful because we have developed a well-coordinated team with common insight, objectives, and goals. Our primary goal is to offer an unparalleled experience every step of the way that must exceed our patients' expectations.

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Claris Vision Company.
Do not worry our physicians and services have only been improved not changed.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent care and are excited to be able offer you the best that is available in eye care today. Our website will also be moving to www.clarisvision.com as of January 6th. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership in helping you to see, feel and look your very best.

Seacoast Eye Associates
Seacoast Eye Associates

Candescent Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm, announced that its portfolio company, Koch Eye Associates, has acquired Seacoast Eye Associates, a comprehensive vision health company in Wakefield.

Seacoast joins Koch Eye Associates and Eye Health Vision Centers to form one of the largest vision health companies in New England with 13 locations and 335 employees.  read more...

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As of February 25, 2013 please visit our new vision center located at 166 Cass Ave in Woonsocket. Our new state of the art vision center features a larger space and updated equipment allowing us to better accommodate all of your vision health needs.

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Cataract Surgery
Cataract patients of the new millennium sparkle with different light than their predecessors. The men and women who have earned their place of respect in our society recognize that quality trumps all other instruments of value.

Cataract Surgery in RI
LASIK Refractive Surgery

LASIK Surgery in RI

When vision is precious and confidence is premium you want a facility where you will share a harmony of purpose. Trust Rhode Island's prestigious eye center, where the Koch Eye team has decades of experience providing refractive surgery and LASIK with TLC and a reputation for clinical excellence.

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